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Tarkarli is an amazing tourist destination along the coast of Konkan. It is located few miles North of Goa, in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra State. Tarkarli is full of scenic beaches surrounded by hills and lush greenery. Having more than 500 hotels and homestays serving the tourists round the year, the destination is growing in popularity by the minute. Adding to its glory, is the nearby Sindhudurg Fort built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the 16th Century. Around the fort, enthusiasts like Sarang Kulkarni have discovered Scuba Diving venues which have been a booster for the growing tourism activity. Also, adventure sports like parasailing and water sports activities like Jet-ski adds on entertainment in the hub.

About TarkarliTourism.com

TarkarliTourism.com is a Tourism Portal developed by Softlabs Group in 2012 beginning with a few hotels and resorts in tarkarli and gradually evolved having many others hotels and resorts listed on the venue with other stakeholders of the tourism industry like Scuba Diving and Water Sports Service Providers.

TarkarliTourism.com is the most preferred portal for the internet users whenever they think of tarkarli. www.tarkarlitourism.com is on the 1st page of google for more than 1000 different keywords searched by internet users and has got thousands of visitors from different countries every month. It provides comprehensive information about the destination and acts as a virtual guide to tourist during their travel.

Tourism Initiatives of Softlabs Group:

1. The New Tarkarli Tourism Portal

In Oct 2016, Softlabs has revamped the old portal of tarkarlitourism.com and re-launched tarkarlitourism.com on 10th Oct 2016 i.e. on Dushhera with a new, fresh, fancy and hi-tech look & feel, a new colourful logo, superior animations and much more. The portal is designed to render well on all screen resolutions like Desktop, Laptops, Tablets and Cell Phones. The portal has an enhanced e-Commerce feature using which tourists will be able to book rooms and scuba tickets online using a Payment Gateway.

2. Hotel Management App

Being in the extreme interiors of Maharashtra, away from the cities, towns and the urban infrastructure, Tarkarli is completely isolated and cut off from the world. Phone networks are very rarely available, except for BSNL and Vodafone. Broadband Internet is also a very rarely available asset. With these limitations, it is difficult to carry out an e-Commerce business with the hotels since the inventory of hotels i.e. the availability and booking data of the rooms should be available on the portal’s database on the internet to avoid incorrect bookings. To reduce such risks, Softlabs has developed a hotel management mobile app for the hoteliers who can update the details of the booking of the walk-in customer as well as bookings from other agents and websites. Practicing this by the hotelier would ensure that the bookings from the internet would go smoothly since the inventory is always updated.

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