Tarkarli Tourism - Terms And Conditions

  1. Online Booking
    1. Booking Process:
      1. User has to fill in all the required information with respect to the required hotel/resort/homestay and follow instructions as suggested by the booking interface to enable us to book rooms/adventure sports tickets for you.
      2. Information includes personal information like name, address, contact numbers, email address, identification confirmation information like Pancard copy, Driving License, Passport, ADHAR Card, Election Card, etc; travel dates, exact number of people travelling with respect to stay or adventure sports.
      3. Information should be true and genuine. The name and address of the person making visiting and booking should be genuine.
      4. The exact of people availing the services should be the same as mentioned in the Booking Ticket and not more.
      5. User has to patiently follow the steps on the booking form to allow us to make successful booking for you.
      6. For smooth transactions and security, we insist on registration of users on our website. We provide add-on benefits to registered users during the time of seasonal offers if any.
      7. You can consider your request for the room/adventure sports as approved i.e. the room is booked or adventure ticket is issued only when you make the necessary payment on the Payment Gateway Interface and subsequently you receive the confirmation for the same on the website, email or SMS.
    2. Payment
      1. User can make the payment for the booking at the time of booking the room or adventure sports ticket through the website which is necessary to confirm the booking.
      2. User can make the payment through a Credit Card, Debit Card or Net Banking through a secured payment gateway interface.
      3. User agrees to make payment of the booking on a third party secured payment gateway.
      4. After making the payment, the user will receive the booking confirmation on the email address provided during booking.
    3. Availing Service
      1. User agrees to avail the service of stay in the room or an adventure sport with good behaviour.
      2. Tarkarli Tourism is not responsible for any loses of users and the accompanying travellers/tourists in terms of non-life or life in any manner whatsoever.
      3. User agrees that he will take utmost care of his own and fellow tourist life during the trip.
      4. User agrees not to mis-use the facilities provided by the Service Provider during the trip.
  2. Cancellation
    1. Cancellation process
      1. User can cancel the bookings by sending us an email on [email protected] and attaching the copy of the booking confirmation along with the mail.
      2. Cancellation cannot be accepted in any medium like phone or visiting the office or resort.
      3. Any hotel room/adventure sports activity can only be cancelled if it is being cancelled 30 days prior to the date of availing the service. Any booking cannot be cancelled if there less than 30 days remaining in the date of availing the service.
    2. Refund Policy
      1. Any room booked / adventure sports ticket cancelled will be eligible for a refund of 50% of the booking amount.
      2. Any convenience fees charged would be refunded.
      3. Refund amount will be transferred only to the bank account of the person in whose name the booking was initiated and no one else.